The ultimate secret instagram spots to discover in Marrakech! {Locations, Hashtags & more}

Freitag, 3. Mai 2019 • Lilly
Join me on a journey to one of the most magical cities for breathtaking pictures...

Marrakesh! Situated in the country of Morocco the city has become on of the most popular vacation places to visit. And I definitely understand the reasons. From the amazing weather, to magical sights, and delicious food, Marrakesh is a top travel spot for everyone seeking a magical escape from home.
Luckily I had the chance to travel to this amazing city a few weeks ago. It was a breathtaking experience, the days were filled with sun, endless cups of mint tea, and lot of strolling through the old parts of the city, the Medina!

In the following article I would like to take you on a journey to not only explore the hidden treasures of Marrakesh, but also show you a detailed route to the most picturesque spots in the city. And let me tell you, there is a lot to discover. So if your are planning to visit Marrakesh this year, or maybe even within the upcoming months, then definitely save this post to make the most out of your instagram feed!

This article will give you a complete insights into the ultimate secret instagram spots to taking the best pictures. After giving you a short description of what each place has to offer, I provide you with a detailed overview on everything you need to know. And to finish this post I will add the top tagged Instagram Hashtags you should use for your pictures to stand out.

Marrakesh is a city of hidden treasures. Especially when wandering through the souks, small streets filled with colorful home decor, fashion accessories, and the powerful smells of all kinds of herbs and spices, you could stop every ten meters. The air around you is filled with all kind of languages from different travelers, and it is a vibrant multicultural atmosphere.


The first spot you should definitely visit are the Menara Gardens, a sight which is located a bit outside the city centre, but in walkable distance. The palace in the Menara Gardens is surrounded by a small olive tree planatage, and is a great spot to enjoy a quiet lunch under the trees. I would advice you to not pay the entrance fee for the palace itself, but just stroll around. As a small extra tip: I would advise you to take your pictures from a further distance so you can make sure that the palace is visible in the background.


One of the more crowded sights is the Bahia Palace. My advice would be to come here as early as possible in the morning. By doing so you can avoid large crowds of tourists, and travelers. The garden itself convinces with detailed mosaics on ceilings, and on the floor. It is a stunning place to visit! To make the most out of your pictures I would come on a sunny day, so the vibrant colors have the chance to pop!


As mentioned in the beginning this is the place to just stand still for a minute, and simply take in what is happening around you. The souks are definitely the part of Marrakesh that impressed me the most. Of course I also had to improve my trading skills here for quite some times, and my luggage on the way back home was filled with beautiful souvenirs that will always remind me of the trip. If you would like to know how to make the best bargains, and which prices are acceptable to pay for the individual products, and offers than please let me know in the comments. I would love to share my tips with you!


Moving on to the Jardin Majorelle. This is probably the sight I would advice you to skip if you are limited on time. The garden itself is filled with magical flowers, and the colors of the pavillon are a mesmerizing picture, but the location is packed with tourists. Taking a picture without anyone in the background is nearly impossible, and the best spots to take pictures even have lines. So if you are an early bird in the morning you could give the garden a go, otherwise I would recommend to spend your time somewhere else in the city centre.


Le Jardin Secret. As the name already leads to a guess, the gardens are hidden in the outskirts of the Medina. The garden is rather small, but if you would ask me this is the place to spend hours! The gardens are not as frequently visited as other sights, and it feels like an oasis in the busy city. Small fountains of water, hidden benches, and detailed decorated pavilions make the Jardin Secret a Must Visit. Even if you are not on the hunt for a great picture, this is a place to be!


Situated in the centre of the city is the market Jemaa el-Fna, and the Koutoubia Mosque. During the day the place is filled with fruit, and nut stands, and there are lots of Henna artists offering Henna art to the public. If you should have sensitive skin you should probably stay away from the color, otherwise you could definitely give it a Try. In the evening the market stands are removed, and get replaced by a variety of food stands. I did not eat here, but if you are looking for a quick, and cheap dinner, or snack you will make a bargain.


Depending on where you are spending your nights you could already enjoy the beautiful insights in one of the Riads. Riads are residential buildings that are located in the city. Most of the time you can only reach them if you booked a room for the night, so if you have the chance to do so, then they are preferable to the hotels. Within the building is usually a central courtyard with a small water fountain, and of course loads of greens. The buildings are a true oasis in comparison to the buzzing street life.


To round this article up, I put together a list with the eight best ranked Hashtags that you should use for your upload. These hashtags will make sure that your post is tagged to the relevant categories, and you will achieve the best results!


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