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Montag, 22. April 2019 • Lilly
Happy easter to all of you,
the day has finally come. From now on I will start publishing some of my posts in english, as to making this blog more reachable to a wider range of readers. As I am not a native english speaker, I will give my best, and try to avoid grammar, and spelling mistakes, but I hope you will excuse mistakes that could appear.

But let us just dive right into todays topic. Podcasts, or the future of what we know as radio. Just as the majority of us you probably have to travel quite a bit, in order to reach your place of work. In my case it takes me around 50 minutes each day to reach my university, and since a few months, I started looking into a completely new world of entertainment, to spend these minutes. I discovered the world of podcasts.
So, I would like to introduce you to todays article: Five days of the week, from Monday to Friday, and five podcasts for you, to start listening each day! If you are already a huge fan of podcasts I hope that i have some new ones to listen to. I will give you five categories, and for each of these categories there is one podcast recommendation.
Heres what you could be listening to this week:

Podcasts are the entertainment to take along, and not only entertainment, but also all kinds of different content. Nearly every category of taste is presented, and the options are endless. There is always something new, and exciting to discover.

Enjoy the quietness, listen to music, read, I know that there are many more possibilities out there to use spare time. But for myself I discovered  podcasts as a new efficient way to actually use this time. As a small extra tip, cleaning is also a great situation to listen to some exciting podcasts talks.

The Healthcode

Not having the best start into your monday? That is why we are starting with an absolute mood booster that will lift you up immediately. The podcast of the australian couple was actually one of the first podcasts I started looking into. The australian you tubers Sarahs Day, and Kurt Tilse talk about all things related to fitness, and health. Next to real life talks the podcasts provides some entertaining talks, and real life chats between the couple.

Let´s get your codebooks out, and start listening!

The episode that got me hooked: I would advise you to start from the beginning, so actually with the first episode of the Podcast. As they take you along through their lives, this episode is a great way to get an insight, and you can decide whether to listen along, or to skip some episodes.

Average length of one episode: The length of the episodes varies between 45 to 60 minutes. A great length to fill some time.

Start listening "Here"

Deliciously Ella

Ella, and her husband Matthew Mills are streaming their podcasts from the beautiful city of London. The couple is also known from the highly successful brand "Deviously Ella", and their show convinces with interesting guests, informative advices, and tips on all kind of areas in life. The couple has an amazing way of interviewing their guests, and the content is always knowledgeable, and you always have the feeling that you have just learned something important.

Important, interesting, and informative.

The episode that got me hooked: If you want to start listening to this inspiring podcast I can only advice you to look into an episode from February this year. The episode Skincare Edition was really interesting to listen to.

Average length of the podcast: The Deliciously Ella podcast varies in a length from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Start listening "Here"

Secrets of wealthy women

Next up we have wednesday, mid of the week, and I normally thrive from a small motivation booster. That is why my next podcast will look into the category, of business. I enjoy listening to business podcasts because they help you to prioritize, set new perspectives, and find out where you can improve. Additionally you are most of the time provided with some great tips to adapt directly to your own life.
I would like to present you the podcast The Secrets of wealthy women. I am relatively new to the podcast, but already hooked. A space dedicated to everything surrounding entrepreneurship, and how to reach your work goals. From work life balance to short episodes about quick tips. I am sure that the podcast will provide you with something new, and useful.

Your guide for a positive mindset. 

The episode to get hooked: I would recommend to start with an episode from 2019. The episode in march with Carrie Sheffield definitely counts to one of my personal favorites.

Average length of one episode: This podcast is relatively short with just 20 to 30 minutes.

Start listening "Here"

Organize 365 - Podcast

Moving on to my fourth suggestion that I have on my list. A podcast all about organization, and mindset. The podcast from Lisa Woodruff. From motivation to interesting tips, and strategies on how to bring more organization into your life, as well as your home, the podcast is easy to listen to, and always entertaining.

Organizing has never been as interesting before!

The episode to get hooked: I enjoyed listening to episode 273 - It is impossible to be being when you are organizing.

Average length of one episode: The average lengths of one episode is around 20 to 60 minutes.

Start listening "Here"

Talking Tastebuds

Lastly we have the final category of entertainment. I found it quite difficult to present you a favorite of mine for this category, since I do not listen to solely entertaining podcasts. So I would like to present you a podcast for Friday that is still one of my top picks. The podcast Talking Tastebuds, from Venetia Falconer. In her weekly podcast series she is talking with interesting guests about their businesses, and it is just a comfortable atmosphere, as you would be listening to friends chatting.
Talking OR tastebuds?
The episode to get hooked: When it comes to Talking Tastebuds I would advice you to start listening to an episode from October 2018. Being more precise I can definitely recommend you the talk with Gaz Oakley from AvantGarde Vegan.

Average length of one episode: The Talking Tastebuds episodes take around 30 to 90 minutes.

Start listening "Here"

I hope you will have a great week listening to these picks. Definitely share your favorites in the comments with me!


24. April 2019 um 19:43

What a wonderful post ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you for the great recommendations!

25. April 2019 um 19:35

I am not a fan of podcasts however I will give it a try! Thanks...

25. April 2019 um 22:45

Wow, das ist soo ein toller Post mit hilfreichen Tipps und Empfehlungen!
Super Unterteilt und strukturiert der Post!

Wie immer sehr spannend und ich habe wieder was neues entdeckt!

Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße, Andrea

26. April 2019 um 02:00

I don't get to listen to a lot of podcasts. The only one I used to listen to was about knitting:D Thanks for this list.

28. April 2019 um 14:09

I like it!

28. April 2019 um 17:44

This is so interesting and useful post. Thanks for sharing!

1. Mai 2019 um 11:00

I've been meaning to get into this more but since I use my car for work it's not really agreeable.


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