50 awesome habits to start doing in 2019!

Samstag, 19. Januar 2019 • Lilly
Hallo meine lieben Leser,
Seine Gewohnheiten ändern. Hört sich simpel an, braucht aber meist einiges an Willenskraft, und Motivation. Aber besonders jetzt zum Jahreswechsel lohnt es sich zu reflektieren, und sich ein paar Gedanken über die eigenen Routinen, und Alltagsgewohnheiten zu machen.
Seid ihr im Großen, und Ganzen zufrieden, oder gibt es vielleicht doch die eine, oder andere Sache, an der ihr gerne arbeiten würdet? Vielleicht seid ihr aber auch noch auf der Suche nach ein paar neuen tollen "Habits", die ihr 2019 starten könnt?
In diesem Artikel würde ich euch nämlich gerne 50 Gewohnheiten vorstellen, die man auf jeden Fall klasse in den Alltag einbinden kann!

1. Each evening write down a few things that made you happy.
2. Get outside, and try to catch some sun rays.
3. Write a handwritten letter to a friend.
4. Stretch your body during lunch breaks.
5. Listen to informative podcasts while driving.
6. Take a tech-free hour before going to bed.
7. Do not use phone while spending quality time with friends and family. 
8. Challenge yourself everyday.
9. Do 10.0000 Steps each day. 
10. Explore your neighborhood. 

11. Journal your finances.
12. Set yourself goals with a timeframe.
13. Start your day with warm lemon water.
14. Go to bed at a specific time.
15. Read at least one book a month. 
16. Try a new recipe each week.
17. Drink lots of water.
18. Travel to new places and explore new cities.
19. Start Bullet Journaling.
20. Fulfill deadlines early.

21. Work hard towards your goals.
22. Start the day with 20 minute of your favorite exercises.
23. Fuel your body with whole foods.
24. Wear sun screen everyday.
25. Eat more nuts.
26. Cook at home, rather than eating outside.
27. Listen to your body.
28. Give back, and volunteer.
29. Try to use the car less, and go by bike.
30. Do not stress too much about the little things in life.

31. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
32. Surround yourself with positive people.
33. Stand while working.
34. Go veggie at least one day a week.
35. Spend less time on social media.
36. Give more compliments.
37. Load up on fruit and veggies.
38. Join a book club.
39. Give yourself well deserved breaks.
40. Floss your teeth.

If you do not take a chance, how will you ever know?

41. Never text, and drive.
42. Eat a balanced diet.
43. Get at least six hours of sleep each night.
44. Maintain an active social life.
45. Start doing yoga.
46. Practice self care.
47. Take the initiative.
48. Always be a good listener.
49. Plan for an adventure.
50. Say "Yes" to things you do not want to do (in a good way)!

Welche Gewohnheit wollt ihr in 2019 starten?

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